Singer Songwriter Multi-instrumentalist Producer.

Naeemah Maddox has been on a musical journey that’s led her to produce her most ambitious work yet. Vile Tyrant and the MiddleMen (VTMM) is a fusion of chamber pop, progressive rock and soul, blended into a unique and original style. Five years in the making, VTMM started as a collection of GarageBand demos that Naeemah initially began recording as early as 2007. Constantly writing and recording elaborate demos, Naeemah soon had a growing collection of songs bridging many styles with her quirky writing sensibility. Coming off from her 2006 debut release “Hard Time”, co-produced and recorded by Eric Vincent, Naeemah explored new business collaborations. Planning to quickly release more music, Naeemah explored two more music partnerships between 2007- 2011. Both partnerships gave way to valuable learning experiences, but in turn did not yield any tangible results….except for one major thing. Naeemah had matured as an artist.

Needing to start fresh, Naeemah embodied her D.I.Y. model more than ever before. Now, with a great collection of demos to choose from, Naeemah picked a group of songs with a interpretive yet cohesive narrative. Using the musical skeletons of the songs, she reimagined the harmonies, articulation, and scoring. Now unleashed and unrestrained, in addition to playing guitar and singing, Naeemah has recorded all of the flutes, violins, and keyboard parts as well as composing and producing it herself. It is a testament to a promising, emerging artist budding out into the world.

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