About Naeemah

Brooklyn based – Philly born, Naeemah Z. Maddox is a singer songwriter, composer, and multi- instrumentalist. Naeemah’s hybridized style draws from many elements including classical arrangement, R&B vocals, lush jazz harmonies and rock edge and rhythms. Naeemah has been on a musical journey that’s led her to produce her most ambitious work yet. Vile Tyrant and the MiddleMen (VTMM) is a fusion of chamber pop, progressive rock and soul, blended into a unique and original style. VTMM started as a collection of GarageBand demos that Naeemah initially began recording as early as 2007. Constantly writing and recording elaborate demos, Naeemah soon had a growing collection of songs bridging many styles with her quirky writing sensibility.

Using the musical skeletons of the songs, she reimagined the harmonies, articulation, and scoring. Now unleashed and unrestrained, Naeemah recorded in her West Philly apartment using her Imac with a simple set-up: condenser mic,interface, midi keyboard and a whole lot of trouble shooting.

Five years in the making, this concept album serves as a statement analyzing the effect of mankind’s struggles on a Macro (political) and Micro (personal )level. Enhanced with the visual images created by Artist Lindsey Wavrek, this album is dense with color and texture and showcases a more complete view of Naeemah’s uniquely quirky compositional style.

 Naeemah recorded all of the instruments on the album with the exception of Drums (Tony Flagiello) and Bass (Josh “Freshy” Cisario). These instruments include all guitars, flutes, violins, keyboards, vocals, drum programming and bass on two of the nine tracks. The result is an album that blurs and bridges the lines between Progressive Chamber pop and soul infused rock.

In addition to performing her original music, Naeemah performs with other artists/musicians in the community. Naeemah has contributed backing vocals on Artist, Donn T’s 2015  release “Flight of the Donn T”, and also appears on progressive thrash metal band, Vektor’s 2016 release “Terminal Redux”.

More recently,  Naeemah is a featured vocalist on Lamb of God guitarist, Mark Morton’s solo album “Anesthetic” released on March 1, 2019.

Naeemah is currently gearing up for another solo release in  2020.



3 Replies to “Bio”

  1. All I can say is………. I love your style! Feeling the vocals, the harmonies, the guitar work, the musicianship, everything! You make me smile!

    1. ….I know this is a late response but, Thank you so much Garret 🙂 . Please excuse my online etiquette….I’ve got some new music brewing for this summer. Definitely keep an ear out. 🙂

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