The Key – The impact of Jeff Buckley’s Grace and why it matters

“Discovering Jeff Buckley’s music is a unique treasure and pleasure to the ears.  With unfolding layers of lush harmony and virtuosic playing combined with emotional depth and soul, these songs warrant obsessive listening. I consider myself not only a fan, but a student of Jeff Buckley’s artistry.”… – John Vettese



Broad street review – WXPN celebrates Jeff Buckley’s ‘Grace’ album

“Jeff Buckley, for me, is the artist that I identity with the most in my whole career,” Maddox said. “I listen to a lot of different music, but when I discovered Jeff Buckley… I learned so much not only from his craft in writing, but just the way his voice is just so powerful, and he’s able to get so many nuanced sounds in one syllable. It’s just the combination of so many things I identify with in my musical journey.” – Stephen Silver



The Key/XPN presents : Jeff Buckley 25th anniversary of GRACE tribute show

“Jeff Buckley fans will celebrate 25 years of the beautifully strange, heartbreaking and uplifting songs on his iconic album Grace this summer, and on the Philadelphia front, The Key is happy to join the festivities on the night of the album’s anniversary with a tribute concert at World Cafe Live starring some of our favorite local artists….” – Sarah Hojsak


5/23/19 Exclusive Cinemetal Premiere: Moon Tooth’s “Musketeers”

“As its title suggests, Moon Tooth’s latest single, “Musketeers,” is all about solidarity. So what better way to visually represent the song than to enlist the help of the Long Island band’s friends?…This includes members of other perennial MetalSucks favorites, like Hivesmasher and Gyre, and Naeemah Z. Maddox, who provides vocals for “Reveal,” the strongest and unexpected track on Mark Morton’s recent solo album, Anesthetic.” ___________________


Sonic Perspectives – Mark Morton “Anesthetic” album review

“Aside from the who’s who of rock and roll and heavy metal (insert joke about Mark Morton‘s Rolodex here), it’s also the more unexpected contributions that make the most impact, as well. Naeemah Maddox, a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter/guitarist out of the Philadelphia area, completely takes the listener by surprise on one of the later songs on the album, “Reveal,” and is so good, she practically begs the listener to go check out her solo work on her Bandcamp page without actually doing so. Less open-minded or adventurous listeners will likely not understand the song, but if they actually listen with open ears, they might find something to truly love here.” – Austin Kokel



The Sound Board – Mark Morton’s “Anesthetic” review

“… Reveal also gets a lot right as another sharp left turn, taking cues from jazz and groove-driven ‘90s alt-rock while Naeemah Maddox stands as the album’s most commanding and unique presence in her effortless flows.” – Luke Nuttall



Metalsucks – Mark Morton’s – “Anesthetic” review

“…And then there’s “Reveal,” which is both the album’s strongest and most out-of-left field offering. Featuring a gorgeous vocal performance by Naeemah Maddox, “Reveal” is a soulful, funky, smooth-jazz rock song that’s about as metal as wood. Even with Morton tossing in some shreddy leads, someone could play you “Reveal” and you’d never know that anyone from Lamb of God had anything to do with it. That the song is so memorable despite its complete stylistic divergence from Morton’s norm illustrates his talent as a songwriter and a musician.” – Axl Rosenberg



Revolvermag – Mark Morton solo album



wxpn – The Key “prog rock epic for the ages”

“…Plugging away for nearly a decade, Maddox recorded demo versions of each song in her small home studio setup meticulously laying down vocals and guitar in the privacy of her West Philly apartment. As Maddox explains, the interplay of her voice with the guitar served as the launching point of the dizzingly complex songs. As the years passed, Maddox — currently based in Brooklyn — continued to revisit these simple demos, pouring out ideas, reimagining harmonies and outfitting the songs with impressively complex arrangements. The end result is powerful collection of soulful and challenging rock music.” – John Morrison



The Key’s Year End Mania



The Key – “Philly’s Random Tea Sessions”

“Maddox recently performed a stripped-down version of Vile Tyrant and the Middle Men‘s lead track, “Apple,” for Philly’s Random Tea Sessions. Maddox, on vocals and guitar, is joined by Matt Hollenberg on baritone guitar. The video’s close-up shots show the musician comfortably in her element; and as mellow as the song is, Maddox will have you tapping your feet along.” – Sarah Hojsak



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