Fun with Fun

I’m having fun, I’m having fun and while I’m with you
I want to get to get you consumed before my reign is over.
I saw a picture in an outer stream and it said
you could be anything that you want to be…
For we have the power of ability, agility
When everybody knows, then everybody grows
But anyway, I’m having fun, I’m having fun
and so it doesn’t matter Home grown under a satellite .
And I just might be there…
I had a vision in an outer stream I saw you looking out
and looking greener looking greener then I thought.
We’re on the edge of this insanity or can it be
a little thing you do when you are so desperate?
Humanity will always suffer ’cause there’ll always be a need –
Another reason to bleed.
I never thought that you would turn away you head
You have no reason to hoard it all, (you are a rat),
holding everyone back
But anyway I’m having fun, until I’m done and so It doesn’t matter,
I’m fine under a satellite
and I just might be there.
Be there , I’ll be there . And I just might be there.
With all my might…. Be there.
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