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DECEMBER 14th 2021


DECEMBER 2nd 2021


OCTOBER 17th 2021

Hi Fam! In October I’ll be making some 7″ records with Leesta Vall as part of their Direct-To-Vinyl Live Sessions project. This is such a unique concept and I’m so excited and honored to be a part of it. Here are the details:

When you order a 7″, you choose your song, I perform it live as the record’s cut in real time, and then you’ll be the only owner of that particular live performance, ever, in the world, for all time! I do a unique take of a song per vinyl, so if 3 people order the same song they’ll all have a completely one-of-a-kind record. It’s pre-order only. Here is the link.

It would mean the world to me to sing something special for you!


SEPTEMBER 11th 2021

I am excited to invite you to an intimate performance at the Green Lung Studio in Brooklyn, on Sept. 11th as part of a series curated by Max Kutner called “The Whatever Guitar Festival”. I’ll be kicking off this two day event by performing some unreleased material along with selections from my most recent album “Vile Tyrant and the Middle Men”. Matt Hollenberg will be joining me on Bass VI. Also performing on September 11th, Sandy Ewen, Teddy Kumpel and Ava Mendoza. Hope to see you there!


Enjoy Naeemah’s new single “Just Like Flying”, now exclusively available on Bandcamp.

“Vile Tyrant and the Middle Men”

Now available on Apple Music/ iTunes/Amazon/Tidal/Spotify and more.

 And streaming for free on bandcamp!


Written by: Naeemah Z. Maddox

Vile Tyrant and the Middle Men

”Vile Tyrant and the Middle Men” is Naeemah’s second full length album. More than 5 years in the making, this concept album serves as a statement analyzing the effect of mankind’s struggles on a macro (political) and micro (personal) level. Enhanced with the visual images created by Artist Lindsey Wavrek, this album is dense with color and texture. VTMM showcases a more complete view of Naeemah’s uniquely quirky compositional style. This album was recorded in her west Philly apartment on an Imac with a simple set up: condenser mic, interface, midi keyboard and a whole lot of trouble shooting. Naeemah recorded all of the instruments on the album with the exception of Drums (Tony Flagiello) and Bass (Josh “Freshy” Cisario). These instruments include all guitars, flutes, violins, keyboards, vocals, drum programming and bass on two of the nine tracks. The result is an album that blurs and bridges the lines between Progressive Chamber pop and soul infused rock.
Listen to “Give Me The Money” – from the album “Vile Tyrant and the MiddleMen” digitally released on July 23, 2017 via bandcamp.